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We are more than happy to provide a FREE no-obligation quote for any size of work big or small. If you do have any questions we are here to answer them so please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Our history in the construction industry has allowed us to develop strong relationships with suppliers over the years who offer an expansive range of materials to us at low trade prices.


Our aim is to exceed clients' expectations and deliver quality work whilst keeping within your budget. We have a high internal quality standard which has to be met before completing a project and will rectify all work not meeting our exacting standards.


Ready to take your home to the next level? Our residential property experts are here to help.

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I want some very specialist and contemporary building work done, can you do it?


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I want to use my own tiles for the project, is this possible?


From re-decorating a room to building large bespoke houses -

We do it all! Our decades of experience in the construction industry mean we have the right people to service your demands at a very competitive price. 

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Carrying out some form of building works on your home be it an extension or refurbishment will more than proportionately add value to its sale price. Through decades of experience we can help you optimise your property's market value.

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JPF Clarke Construction is a well established building contractor in the North London region with more than 35 years experience, allowing us to effectively service all your property demands and requirements.